An early morning surprise……… An Extract from The Boomer Generation due out in May 2015


Every rascal is not a thief, but every thief is a rascal. Aristotle
…….Life moved on and each weekend we played the same game of jumping in the car on Saturday lunchtime to go back to the country and then drive back, at the crack of dawn, on a Monday to town.
One summer’s morning we all piled into the car at five am in Suffolk and then out of the car in Surrey at seven am to get ready to go our separate ways for the day. That particular day was a lovely sunny one and we had had a very pleasant journey that morning with everyone sharing their news.
Our rented house was large and double fronted and the dining room was the first window you could see in as you walked down the drive. Theo was standing leaning on the wall as I passed him. “My computer has gone,” he said nodding towards the window and I let out a squeak of alarm.
Of course the front door was locked from the inside and we had to go round the back to see what had happened. The back door had been left wide open by the burglars.
Everything that belonged to us was gone. I looked round in alarm and began to shake.
Grant said “I will get you a drink”. He came back a moment later, “They have taken the booze”.
Theo said “They have taken my leather jacket and the Tag Heuer watch you bought me for my birthday”.
Miranda said “All my jewellery had gone”.
We stood looking at each other. I went upstairs and realised all my underwear was thrown all over the bedroom.
When Grant came in I cried “They have rifled my knicker drawer.”
He laughed and said “It could have been worse.”
“How? ” I screeched.
“You could have still been in them!” was his amused reply.

About carolemccall

I am an Author,Life Coach,NLP Trainer and Pyschotherapist .My first book The Fourth Generation is about my family and goes back 100 years. My second book The Lotus Generation is an amusing account of my life when I lived in Spain next door to my sister.I also did a lot of travelling around the world.There are two more books in the series.The third book The Boomer generation is out in May 2015. I am a Granny to seven small people and live in Tunbridge Wells with my husband and small white dog called Stella.
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