Introductions: Gary Hart

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I agree that this work is amazing!

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Here Comes the Sun

I love California.


There is nothing like the hot California sun

Shining down, as its rays overwhelm

Trees, now fully covered in green leaves, have their own fun

Lost in oblivion and in their own natural realm

Flowers rise up and soak in the sun

Eagerly blossoming, their petals glistening

Refusing to dance and stun

Carefully showing us the art of refining

Nature basks in summer’s glory

Animals and children refuse to do anything but play and run

Creating their own summer story

To be retold under the bright summer sun

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The Feminine Side of Cubism: Marie Laurencin

I love this.


51r3S37vfAL._On the 8th of June 1956, Cubist artist Marie Laurencin died in Paris at the age of 72. During her lifetime, Laurencin achieved a successful international reputation, especially in the 1920s and 1930s. Even earlier though at the Salon des Indépendants (1910-1911) and the Salon d’Automne (1911-1912) she exhibited alongside Pablo Picasso, and Cubists associated with the Section d’Or, such as Jean Metzinger, Albert Gleizes, Robert Delaunay, Henri le Fauconnier and Francis Picabia. She famously had a relationship with the poet Guillaume Apollinaire and is often referred to as his muse. Allegedly, Laurencin had both heterosexual and lesbian affairs, some of her significant connections including people such as the American expatriate and renowned lesbian writer Natalie Clifford Barney. Laurencin’s works were exhibited widely and purchased by astute modern collectors, such as Gertrude Stein, John Quinn, Claribel and Etta Cone, and Chester Dale. It seems that posthumously Laurencin and…

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The beautiful wisteria

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The Communication Generation by Carole McCall

Hurrah    Today I have finished my next book The Communication Generation which will be out next year….

Two majestic four story Georgian houses filled my sight line, gleaming pure marbled white in the early sunlight and I was transported to sunnier Italian climes in my mind.

The facades were decorated with wraiths of lilac and purple wisteria sinensis attached to ancient horizontal wires, draped artfully and sensuously in perfect horizontal homage to the morning sun. As I stared in fascination, swooping swifts darted in and out of the eaves joyously revelling in the pristine, perfumed air.

These were glorious white houses, revealing lush green gardens and most particularly the shades of exquisite purple and lavender that only ancient, gnarled rhododendrons can produce. Everything I could see aligned perfectly and produced a feeling of calm and tranquillity within my soul. I leaned over to open the curtains on either side of the bay window and the purple verdant dream stretched out on both sides as far as my eyes could see.

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Leaf & Twig

blossoming branch
bright blue sky
busy bee passing by

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Paco Peña: Flamenco and the Question of National Identity in Spain


41V5TSYKGHLOn the 1st of June 1942, the Spanish Flamenco composer and guitarist Paco Peña was born in Córdoba, Spain. Regarded as one of the world’s foremost traditional Flamenco players, Peña began his professional career very early in life. He learnt playing the guitar at the age of six, and by twelve he made his first professional appearances. After touring with various groups as an accompanist, he eventually settled in London where he began a solo career. His television appearances in the 1960s brought him significant public acclaim. He is responsible for founding the international annual Córdoba Guitar Festival, visited throughout the years by such Flamenco masters as Manolo Sanlúcar and Paco de Lucía. He has also played concerts with the Classical guitarist John Williams. His Flamenco guitar performances are inspired by the so-called compás, the rhythm of the earth.

In one of the interviews Paco Peña stated: “I like all kinds…

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A beautiful camelia

I noticed this as I walked to the postbox in the rain

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Yellow roses

Yellow roses

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Office day

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